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Lips on your neck or gentle strokes along your thigh, slowly moving upwards, it can drive us wild without even touching our genitals. Tension builds, breathing quickens, and bodies ignite. Your body is one big playground of erogenous zones, and we're spotlighting them in this blog!

What are erogenous zones?

Erogenous zones are those special spots on our body that feel good when you touch them.

The obvious ones are the penis and vagina, but there are many other spots like the inner wrist, neck, and mouth, that you can explore to spice up your intimate moments and make them more intense.

We all have these pleasure spots, but here's the thing: what feels amazing for one person might not be the same for another. So, you've got your own unique sexy spots and it’s like an adventure to find what works for you.


Feel the sensation when fingers glide through your hair, it's like pure pleasure! Start things off by gently washing your partner's hair and treating them to a relaxing scalp massage in the shower.


Ears are like a gateway to a world of sensations. They're super sensitive, so think about gentle touches and maybe some subtle sucking. Try out gentle bites, throw in some sexy talk, share your fantasies by whispering them into your partner's ear. But, avoid sticking your tongue deep inside; that's usually not very pleasurable. Keep it light and playful!

People Hugging in Bed Touching Erogenous Zones

Upper Erogenous Zones

So, you probably know that these spots are full of nerves, which makes kissing feel amazing. But there's more to it than just kissing! Spice things up by adding some hot and cold sensations. Slide an ice cube along your partner's lips or take your kissing up a notch with some gentle biting. It's all about exploring new sensations and having fun!


The neck is like the perfect starting point for getting things heated up. Start with some soft kisses on your partner's neck, and then take it slow... For an extra touch of pleasure try licking or playfully blowing teasing breaths on the neck. It's all about enjoying the moment and building up the excitement!


It's no secret that women experience heightened arousal when their nipples are stimulated. But don't rush directly to the nipples, take it slow. Start with places like the neck and work your way up to the nipples and breasts. Nipples love gentle touches, kisses, and even some soft licking. You can also try out gentle sucking and biting, but keep an eye on how your partner reacts to find what they like. And guess what? Men's nipples are just as sensitive, so make sure to give them some love in your next round of foreplay!


So, even if the back isn't the most sensitive area, it's a sweet way to start your journey through your partner's pleasure zones. Give them a nice massage to begin with, massage oil isn’t a must, but it can add a little extra something. Once your partner is feeling all zen, you're ready to check out some of the other spots on this list.

Lower Erogenous Zones

Right below the belly button is a spot loaded with nerves, so it's super sensitive to touch. Have fun with it by planting kisses, giving it some good caresses, or playfully licking it. Then, you can choose to keep going down or tease your partner a bit by paying attention to other sensitive spots first. Instead of heading straight for the big finish, taking your time builds up more excitement, making the climax even more intense.

Shoulder, Arm & Finger Magic

Just like the back, these parts of the body are like the perfect starting point for some fun before the main event. Begin with soft caresses or a nice, long massage , it's a great way to help your partner relax, especially when life gets super busy. We all know stress can mess with our mood, and it's not always easy to get in the groove when life is hectic.

Both giving and receiving a massage is super therapeutic and relaxing

When you are stressed and getting in the mood feels like a challenge, a massage can work wonders. Whether you're giving or receiving, massages have this amazing way of being both therapeutic and super relaxing, making them the perfect way to kickstart your desires! And hey, while you're at it during the massage or foreplay, don't forget about the shoulders, arms, and fingers. Gentle touches there can send shivers down your partner's whole body. Lightly caress their fingertips, give their shoulders a nice rub, and sprinkle some kisses on their arms, it all adds to a pleasurable experience.

Men Going Down on His Partner


Give your partner a sweet caress, a playful lick, or a relaxing massage. Explore your partner's booty during foreplay to add some excitement to your time in the bedroom! For some, a little playful spanking can be surprisingly enjoyable and arousing. That's not so surprising when you consider that pain and pleasure are not that different from each other in some ways. Although it can cause a lot of excitement for one person, it is not a good idea to slap your partner on the booty out of the blue. It could make your partner less interested in a well-intentioned slap.

Balls & Perineum

The area around the penis is a really sensitive spot. Treat it with care and give some extra attention to the balls and perineum. Many men enjoy the feeling when you caress, lick, or gently suck on the balls. Even a gentle blow can feel great. Pay close attention to your partner's reaction to find out what is pleasant and what is not. The perineum, that bit of skin between the balls and the anus, is also sensitive. Use your fingers for a gentle massage there. Build up the tension by waiting as long as possible before you touch his penis.

Anus Erogenous Zones

There is still a taboo on anal sex or involving the anus during sex, but it is a sensitive spot that you should not skip.

There are gentle ways to include this area in foreplay without diving into more advanced stuff like using butt plugs. It can bring a lot of pleasure for everyone, no matter their sexual orientation! You can start by gently caressing your partner's anus or trying out licking (rimming).

For those feeling a bit more adventurous, you could take it a step further by gently inserting your finger(s) into the anus. Using some lubricant ensures things go smoothly and comfortably. Keep an eye on your partner's reactions to see if you can keep going or if it's time to slow down. Either way, take it easy – a sudden introduction of two fingers might not be what your partner is looking for.


The skin on the inside of the thighs is super thin, making it extra sensitive. Try giving it a soft stroke or a gentle massage. Now and then,, you can playfully 'accidentally' brush against your partner's intimate areas to create even more tension.

Knee Pits

Call me crazy, but knees don't exactly scream sexy to me. They can be a bit dry, and honestly, they might even remind you of grumpy moments. But here's the surprise – the back of the knee, often called the knee pit, is a whole different story. Just like the inside of the thigh, the skin there is super sensitive. A gentle touch in this spot can create some surprisingly exciting feelings. Since the knee pit is a less private area, it's perfect for some discreet attention even in public.

Much like the inside of the thigh…

Feet Erogenous Zones

Enjoying a little foot pampering doesn't mean you've got a foot fetish. Many people just find it nice. Giving your partner a foot massage might even lead to a super satisfying ending. So, why not treat your lover's feet? It's all about spreading some love and relaxation!

What are your favourite erogenous zones? Let us know in the comments below!

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