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Tease & Please – Discover Your Lover Travel Edition

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  • Erotic game
  • Multilang NL/ES/DE/EN/FR
  • Exciting gift
  • Different assignments and question cards
  • Enriches your sexual relationship
  • Dice included
  • Colour: Various colours

​Are you on the search for an amazingly exciting game? Then Discover Your Lover – Travel Edition is ideal for you and your partner. This is the erotic travel game for two. Discover Your Lover can be played at home, but it will pull you along in a journey of sexual discovery filled with exiting moments. The questions and assignments which you will be challenged to do in this game go slightly further than in the standard game. Surprise yourself and your partner and go on an amazing journey!

Contents: Travel bag, Game board, Frisbee, Scarf, Blindfold, Dice, 2 pawns, 4 pieces with questions/assignments. This female-friendly erotic game will breathe new life into your relationship! Discover Your Lover will give you the answers to all those tantalizing questions.





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