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A lubricant, or lube, is a smooth, liquid substance that is typically oil, water or  silicon-based, which is used to reduce friction during sex and masturbation. In fact, lubricants are also used for things like prostate exams or pap smears. It typically just makes everything glide more smoothly and makes things a lot more comfortable. The lubes you will find in this section are suitable for partnered or solo sex

A condom is a very popular method of contraception that can prevent pregnancy and also reduce your chances of catching an STI (sexually transmitted infection). They’re typically made out of latex and are a thin, stretchy pouch that covers the whole penis and collects sperm and pre-cum.

An anal douche allows you to properly clean the anus by yourself, keeping anal play pleasant and hygienic. Some people shy away from butt stuff due to the fear of poo making an appearance. In fact, some people avoid anal sex completely because of this. An anal douche rinses your rectum by squirting water in and letting it run out again. Use this in the shower before your anal session and any “mishaps” will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Massage oil is used for massages. Many of the ones you’ll find here at PleasureVibes are suitable for erotic massages, meaning they’re good for use “down there”. Using oil during a massage is much nicer because it allows hands to glide over the body and not cause any friction. Some oils are made from natural ingredients; fruits, nuts and plants. While other massage gels may contain chemicals such as glycerine and perfume. Glycerine is also widely used in soaps and gives the product its gel-like structure. If you need help choosing the right oil for you, send us a message

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