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masturbator is a penetrable sex toy for men. These toys are designed to recreate the feeling of real sex. Their opening varies from different looks and feelings. There are vagina, anus, or mouth masturbators. Also, the inside of the sex toy can be different, some of them have special textures that stimulate the penis even more. Do you have quick erections? Well with these toys you can train your sexual resistance and be prepared for the real deal!

penis sleeve can be worn around the penis of a man to give it more length. Do you have insecurities about the length of your penis? No worries slid one of our penis sleeves around it and you gain a few centimeters in length and thickness. Some sleeves have stimulating textures, such as veins, studs, and ridges to provide a more sensational and realistic feeling during sex.

cock ring is a toy that is placed around the base of the penis and it can have multiple functions. The normal rings are made to keep up an erection longer. They are tightly fitted around the penis, so your blood is pumped towards it, but cannot flow back. That is why you can have a long-lasting erection, so these rings are a great solution if you are experiencing erection problems or you just want to enjoy longer sex. But there are also vibrating cock rings, they can be used while having sex with your partner to have an extra pleasant feeling.

For men, we have various anal toys available, for both anal stimulation and penetration. And did you know that the anus is a very sensitive place on your body because of the many nerve endings located there? Also, did you know there is a place called the P-spot? It is similar to the G-spot but located inside of the anus. And stimulating the P-spot can lead to violent orgasms! We also have prostate dildos and massagers to stimulate the prostate.

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